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All photos and caption by Dick “Mez” Meseroll @mezapixels

What a friggin’ year, a year that now feels like ten years long, apocalyptic in fact.

It started out innocently enough as the new decade began and then… WHAM! Our slow at first decent into a pandemic purgatory picked up steam by early March and became a plummeting ride straight down an elevator shaft to hell.

However, I’m taking the flipping of the calendar from 2020 to 2021, and the accompanying fun couple of days of surf that came with it, as a positive sign that we’re heading toward better days that will deliver us all to a much better place sooner rather than later.

Fingers crossed. – Mez –

ESA All Star Teddy Wittemen living up to his nickname, “Shreddy Teddy”. Check out the “holy crap!!” mugs on the older dudes out the back watching him boost this gnarly one.

Where : Sebastian Inlet from the north car park to First was the zone that had wind protection from the jetty.

When : New Years Eve Friday 2020 through Sunday 2021.

Why : Remnants of Winter Storm Goliath were pushing out to sea up north through towards New Year’s weekend and coming out of this last full-moon phase, the tides were less full but it would get deep fast either side of the mid-tides.

Air & Water : Air temps mid afternoon were hitting a balmy 75-78 fahrenheit and the water was a trunk-able mid-60’s tho’ most had some kind of rubber on. Early mornings and later towards dusk there was def a bit of chill in the air.

Swell : Solid 3-4 foot wave faces, a foot bigger on set’s or head high on the grom squad.

Wind : At times a hard, blustery southeast with a tich of south was blowing as a cold front was creeping down our way. The kite boarders were absolutely loving it.

Photographer Rating : Any other swell there I would give it a solid 3-4 for wave quality and rip-ability as the infamous First Peak wedge / reflection / jetty bounce was happening albeit not as rad as the G.O.D. ( good ol’ days ). The photo studio was in full effect though as you can see in the images below.

Snowbirds flocking to the Inlet New Years day.

Chauncey Robinson’s New Year 2021 flight.

Daya Mc Cart and her crew continues to raise the bar for the girl groms at Sebastian.

New Years day, 2021 at Sebastian Inlet- fun, rippable surf and warm, picture perfect weather.

Zoe Benedetto carving back with beautiful form and follow through towards First looking for the rebound.

Along with Covid-19, Spring Break 2021 is already in the warmer, southern air on Florida’s winter time beaches.

Air Speir. Will you be blasting like this as you sneak up on your 50th birthday?

The only thing frozen in Central Florida is Kylie Pulcini’s crystaline fan.

Kylie’s stoked smile is salve for the battered soul after the 2020 we’ve all had.

Vance Weyandt getting the Money Shot at Larry’s Lefts.

USA team member, Zoe Benedetto has been putting the power into Girl Power the last couple of years.

As iconic a surf break structure as they come with 12 world titles emanating from the sandbars of it’s friendly confines.

Dave Speir. Legend. Full stop.

Two of Sebastians top elders, Dave Speir and Paul “Rhino” Reinecke. Few have put in more years and ripped the living hell out of it on a per session basis since they were Kiddie Bowl groms a few decades ago then these to old friends. Full stop.

Rhino ripping.

Chauncey Robinson with full GIF sequence of this bucket chucking below.

Chauncey Robinson By Mez @mezapixels from richard meseroll on Vimeo.

Chauncey Robinson all smiles for the New Year ahead. A beautiful, warm and sunny three day holiday weekend at the beach schralping all day long will do that to you.

Christian Daniels, hammer down on the inside dump section at First Peak.

daniels, christian-sebastian- from on Vimeo.

Kisan Hart flashes the fangs at Larry’s Lefts.

Chauncey Robinson gathering the reflected energy from a First Peak wedge.

Asher Nolan has become one of the most talented photographer / videographers coming from the east coast after a very long, very successful pro surfing career. Slash is now putting all those assets to work as a top flight coach for those lucky enough to acquire this busy mans in demand services.

Vance Weyandt on a Munchkin sized Larry’s Lefts barrel.

ESA All Star Abbie Yates has a developing power rail game that could take her places in the comp world.

Snaked. Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory on display in Sebastian Inlet’s lush green space.

Zoe Benedetto is fast becoming one of the best female surfers to ever emerge from Sebastian and has her spot in the First Peak line-up on lock out of sheer respect of her abilities.

Zoe Benedetto, pretty in pink but don’t let the color fool you, her surfing is on fire and red hot .

At one point ranked # 5 in the WSL’s North America QS ratings in 2019, Chauncey Robinson is the man right now as far as the raddest ripper factor goes at Sebastian. If not for the pandemic putting the kibosh on comp surfing one has to wonder where his fortunes would be if allowed to compete full throttle.

Beckham Mc Cart airs it out with rad-itude and style.

Abbie Yates looking stoked for another session at the Inlet.

Abbie Yates blasting away at First.

ESA All Star teamates Abbie Yates and Teddy Witteman working together on content gathering for their IG accounts.

The Bait Shack, an institution and Sebastian Inlet icon unto itself.

Or you can net your own on dark off the sand bank west of the bridge a bit.

Beckham Mc Cart bending it.

Chauncey making it rain on this randoms parade. Full GIF sequence below.

Rainmaker Chauncey Robinson By Mez @mezapixels from richard meseroll on Vimeo.

Whats a “wind chill?”. Kylie Pulcini barebacking it on a beautiful Florida New Year day 2021 afternoon.

New Years day jetty action.

Inlet vet Kyle Garson visiting from Costa Rica knows every inch of the break like the back of his very capable forehand.

The perfect sight to see at the end of day one, 2021.