Brett Barley and the Buxton Boys scored a radically barreling, Mysto Frisco shorebreak slamming into three feet of water ( and onto nealy dry sand at the low tides ) from the Invest 95 swell. It wasn’t huge but the storms position, the overall conditions and gnarly weather made it indelibly memorable and unique and  something I had personally never experienced before in that area in my five plus decades of traveling there. Look for my photo gallery from the two day ‘Mysto Frisco Sessions’ this Friday. Filmed by Jeffrey O’Neil / Real Watersports here is BB’s take on it. – Mez –

–Season 3: Episode 7– “We found some perfect offshore tubes, just grinding and running down the beach, and scored! Jeffrey got in the water to film the epic shore break fun 🙂 Hope y’all enjoy!”. – Brett Barley –