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The East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame was founded by Cecil Lear and Greg Noll in 1996 and to date the organization has inducted 177 East Coast legends. It was Cecil and Greg’s dream for the Hall of Fame to grow stronger every year and maintain its presence as one of the most prolific Surfing Halls of Fame in the world. In order to continue to strengthen the organization, the Board of Directors has announced the formation of an Advisory Board to help support the Hall of Fame’s goals and assist in the continued growth and status of East Coast Surfing and the organization.

Screen shot from the newly re-designed ECSHOF website that is chock full of inductee photos, bios and videos and still being populated with more inductees to come ( look for the class of 1998 soon ! ) . click here to go there . Photo of former World Champion, and 2022 HOF inductee, CJ Hobgood surfing the Pipe Masters taken by ECSHOF class of 2006 inductee, Tom Dugan

To that end, President Gary Germain has announced the following individuals will be joining the Advisory Board and will be assisting with various projects including social media expansion, fundraising, website development, inductions, and many other areas in the organization’s quest to become stronger each and every year.

ECSHOF President Gary Germain surfing Manasquan Inlet circa 1976 during Hurricane Emmy where, besides lending his very capable leadership to the HOF Board, he still continues to shred in the Monmouth County, NJ area on shortboards to this day. Photo: Dick “Mez” Meseroll

Newly minted Advisory Board members include: Nancy Lear, Mike May, Pete Dooley, Sandy Ordille, Jim Cartland, Michael Baytoff and Peter “PT” Townend. The Hall of Fame wishes to acknowledge each of these veterans of the surfing industry for donating their time and energy to East Coast Surfing.

Jersey Girl, international pro women’s surfing trail blazer / pathfinder and class of 2016 member, Sandy Ordille will no doubt be as significant and influential of an asset to the ECSHOF board as she was to the evolution of women’s pro surfing. Sandy’s heavy backside fade at Sunset beach during a early 70’s Smirnoff Pro contest’s – one of the hugest stages and proving grounds at the time – photographed by her equally legendary board shaper, Bill Barnfield

About the ECSHOF:
The East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the preservation of the history and heritage of East Coast Surfing by enshrining forever the people who have been responsible for surfing’s development and growth on the US East Coast. The ECSHOF was founded in 1996 by one of surfing’s truly great watermen, Greg Noll, along with East Coast legend, Cecil Lear. Every two years, the ECSHOF conducts a public candidate submission process, followed by a thorough nomination and selection process to determine the next ECSHOF Inductees.
For more information, please visit:

OK, It’s totally official now as if it wasn’t already. Long time honorary East Coaster – and true friend of every surfer of the Atlantic Seaboard as well as the ECSHOF since it’s inception – Peter Townend has sealed his status as a full fledged and always welcomed member of our tribe. It’s truly an honor and a privilege for us all to have the first ever World Surfing Champions ( IPS 1976 ) on the esteemed Board pictured here with HOF co-founder ( along with Greg Noll ) Cecil Lear ( RIP ) and wife Mary Lou. Photo : Dick “Mez” Meseroll