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Like October up north, December in Florida is a key transition month for both weather and surf. Expect everything, especially the unexpected. From late season, tropically induced hurricanes to sub-freezing cold fronts riding down on the harsh winds of an Alberta clipper straight outta’ north Canada. You can also expect waves, usually lots of them, in all shapes, sizes and quality and December 2022 bore a bumper crop of swells along with diverse weather patterns that both scorched your skin and froze your ass off.

“Like October up north, December in Florida is a key transition month for both weather and waves. Expect everything, especially the unexpected”. Sea smoke, Palm Beach county, Christmas Eve cold front of 2022. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

It is a month we’ll personally remember for a long time to come. Here are a few images we snapped for your viewing pleasure and thanks for supporting both and our socials on both Insta ( @easternsurfmag ) and Eastern Surf Magazine on Facebook. Please give us a follow on all three platforms and we’ll keep bringing you east coast coverage like this 24-7-365 thanks to all the super talented content creators out there whom single handedly keep this mutha’ rolling by sharing their work with us and you the readers. Thank you guys and gals, each and everyone of you ! – Dugan & Mez –

When your beach is doing this, it’s going to be a good go-out. Photo: Tom Dugan : @tomduganphotos

The women are surfing better and better and this swell was no exception. One of the best from Florida is young Kylie Pulcini. When there are waves, Kylie is on it. Photo: Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

Griffin Leone pops the top at an undisclosed spot in Palm Beach county on Christmas Eve, hands down the coldest day of all of 2022. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Merry Christmas and a Happy Tube Year in 2023 from / ESM all you surf dogs out there ! Photo here and sequence below of Evan Geiselman by Mez @mezapixels

ESM posted the Board Riders Event and it showed how good the waves were during the contest . This unidentified gent here shown taking advantage of the morning surf. Photo : Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

Trunking it, Florida style ! Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Another Smyrna boy was out and about in the surf during the Board Riders event. Eric Geiselman’s low gravity turn on the outside face. Clean and calculated. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Chauncey Robinson finds a clean green Central Florida cathedral. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Up, over ,and out Mike Rosa prepares for a landing in Satellite Beach, Florida. Photo : Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

Daya McCart in full attack mode. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

This photo taken a week ago could be the same photo from twenty years back. Clean airs never go out of style. Kyle Garson, two decades on from grom phenom, can still get ten feet up and land them. Photo : Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

And two decades on from being a wee prodigy himself, Garson is now raising his own family of grom rippers with young Clay on the left and older sibling ripper Wiley on the right. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Wiley Garson literally following in Papi’s tracks. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Down from his hometown of New Smyrna Beach, Jeremy Johnson spent some time to get acquainted with the waves in Brevard, Florida. Looks like he found a few to his liking. Photo : Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

Teddy Whitteman . As a very young grom a few years back his nick name was “Shreddy Teddy” partly because it was a cute affectation and partly the kid had amazing skills as a pre-teen prodigy. Now, as he’s gotten to his mid teens near drivers license age, and gained a  few more pounds along with heaps more water time, that handle more than applies. Teddy super shredding Brevard County two weeks ago with a bright future ahead of him no doubt. Photo: Mez @ mezapixels

Chauncey Robinson one third of the way thru an 18 shot sequence. See GIF below for the rest of the frames. Photos : Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

Chauncey Robinsons straps it on for another of many December 2022 go-outs. Photo : Mez @mezapixels

A good speed floater is as fun as any other maneuver when done right and Roland Gallie seen here is doing a textbook one at home in Brevard County. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

New Smyrna was in the house, and Anthony Conforti was in the tube.after everyone went home. He stayed and played, and received the payoff of some clean ones by himself. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

East Coast Surfing Hall Of Famers ( r-l ) Charlie Kuhn, Sean Slater and ESM / co-founder, Tom Dugan enjoy a beautiful sunny day re-union before the Christmas cold front slammed central Florida. Photo: Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

One of three. Sean Slater smacking the lip with style and speed. PHOTO : @tomduganphoto

While nursing a still tweaked ankle on his lead foot, screw footed Tommy Coleman is currently grounded from the friendly skies and busting his trademark mile high air antics but is still ripping radically as ever below the lip. Photo Mez @mezapixels

Happy happy, merry merry Christmas shakas from Tommy Coleman. Photo: Mez

Tommy Coleman Grounded But Ripping By Mez.MP4 from on Vimeo.

A little tube stall pre Board Riders Florida Cup event for David Speir while Chauncey Robinson’s gets a ring side seat on the shoulder taking in the view and the stoke. Photo : Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

Reef Coote getting his share of waves the pumping, pre Board Riders contest as well . Photo : Tom dugan @tomduganphotos


You learn from your father and do what you are told. Cash Waters paying attention. Clean and deap. Photo : Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

Clad Locke busting one during the excellent run of waves in Brevard, Florida during December 2022. Each day was better than the next it so was time to cut loose. Photo : Tom dugan @tomduganphotos

Stone Bouchard is a chip off the old Butchy Bouchard ( his pops ) block continuing the fam legeacy off goofy footed, backside radness wether on a surfboard, skateboard or wakeboard . Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Chauncey Robinson burrowed deep under the lip instead off flying  high above it. Have Happy Tube Year in 2023 all you rippers ! Photo: Mez @mezapixels