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For any magazine or website that deals with surfing, the contributing photographers are the life-blood of getting content to publish.  Like so many other media sources, ESM has always depended on so many talented  people to help bring  the story of what the East Coast is all about.  At one time we had 91 contributing photographers, 58 senior photographers, and 4 chief photographers. Thru the lenses of over 150 photographers, ESM had lots of help stoking our print readers and now web browsers for just over 27 years.  We still have key main photogs sending shots with every swell, and what the following photos represent are just a few we are getting and just haven’t been able to publish them until now. Enjoy this Part 2 photo mix and if you have any photos you would like to share Email or them to : DUGAN@EASTERNSURF.COM. And Thank you to everyone who contributes to our digital platforms keeping the ESM dream alive and thriving in cyberspace and please support them as much as you do us if not more ! – Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos –

Will Deane, Outer Banks of North Carolina. PHOTO: Asher Nolan @slashmash

Asher Nolan, Mexico. PHOTO: Mike Dunphy @michaeldunphy

New Hampshire. PHOTO : Joshua Kelly @joshuakellyphoto

South Florida . PHOTO : Clark Leonard @cwilyyyy

Lanea Mons, Jacksonville, Florida. Photo: Asher Nolan @slashmash

Bali Shay Campbell, Sebastian Inlet, Florida. PHOTO: Brandon Campbell / Laserwolf @laserwolf.laserwolf

Florida still life. PHOTO: Bali Shay Campbell @bali_shay

Unidentified, Pensacola Beach Pier, Florida Gulfcoast. PHOTO: Alex Dantin @alexdantin

Dana Knowles, Maine. Photo: Nick Eaton @nick_eaton_lifeinfocus

New Jersey. PHOTO: Ben Currie @benncurr

Rolando Montes, Middles, PR. PHOTO : Rachel Tanner @racheltannerphoto @rolomontesgmailcom

Joel Luteran, Pipeline Hawaii. PHOTO : Manuel Gonzolenz @gonzolenz @joelluteran

Bahamas. PHOTO: Nic Lugo @nicolalugo

Peter Mendia, Bahamas. PHOTO: Nic Lugo @nicolalugo

New Hampshire. PHOTO: Brian Nevins @nevinsphoto

Kainalu Nichols, New Hampshire PHOTO : Ralph Fatello @ralphs.pic @_kainalu

Blayr Barton, Costa Rica. PHOTO: Asher Nolan @slashmash

Maine. PHOTO : Joshua Kelly @joshuakellyphoto

Summer Snook, Sebastian Inlet, Florida. PHOTO: Brandon Campbell / @laserwolf.laserwolf

Cobi Christiansen, Surfside Beach, South Carolina PHOTO : Kent Ficklin @nimbus.gss @cobimiles

New Jersey. PHOTO : Robert Siliato @robertsiliato

New Jersey. PHOTO : Tim Torchia @timmytorchia

Chauncey Robinson, Sebastian Inlet, Florida. PHOTO: Mike Vuocolo @mikesshoreshots

Shaun Mc Grath, Manasquan Inlet, New Jersey. PHOTO: Mike Vuocolo @mikesshoreshots

Wiley Robinson, Sebastian Inlet, Florida. Photo: Mike Voucolo @mikesshoreshots

Boyd Brown, Folly Beach, South Carolina. PHOTO : Theo Potgieter @taosurfphotography @boydbrown99

New England. PHOTO : Cory Ransom @corycransom

Robbie McCormick, Lake Worth Pier, South Florida. PHOTO : Nicola Lugo @nicolalugo @rastaaarobbb

New Jersey. Ben Currie @bencurr