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Photos by Dick “Mez” Meseroll @mezapixels

In honor of – and for psyching up purposes – the ESA’s 2024 Southeast Regionals that are about to kick-off Friday, April 12’th at Paradise Beach / Howard Futch Memorial Park thought a little retro photo gallery from last years event would get us amped up for the comp. In 2023 we had good surf and there were many hotly contested heats, much ripping and two very lonnnnnng days of competition-judging-photographing and here is a little photo gold from that event. As for this weekends event look for daily Facebook posts both on’s and the ESA Facebook pages to view with the daily photo goods from each days heats. Go to for wave by wave scoring each day and for first heat to last live streams you can find them on both the ESA YouTube channel at SurfESA or . Theres going to be waves and there’s gonna be some serious shredding so c’mon down to the comp site or watch from the digital device of your choice ! -Mez-