It wasn’t the heaviest of swells at Sebastian inlet compared to what was going down up in the Carolina’s and Jersey during the Eta swell a but it was trunkable warm and undeniably fun. And two out of three ain’t bad at all we say. All photos and captions by Dick “Mez” Meseroll @mezapixels

The Sebastian Inlet State Park playing field from First Peak up to the north car park.

Heading to First Peak and the river jetty’s crucial protection from the regions predominant, sometimes blustery southeast winds.

Tasty treat at Larry’s Lefts during Eta.

C.T. Taylor single frame here and the full GIF sequence below.

Angling in at Larry’s Lefts.

Dave Speir, has been pushing his limits every single go-out since he was a grom trying to break into the First Pecking order where he’s now at the very top of that illustrious list of still active legends – alongside of Matt Kechele and Paul Reinecki – who are all still ripping the shittake out of it a couple of decades later.

Unidentified rider setting up a specimen at Larry’s Lefts.

You missed a spot.

Kylie Pulcini crushes a Larry’s Left here with the full GIF sequence below.

A growing group of fresh, energetic and dynamic girl groms are out in force at Sebastian these days and are a force to be reckoned with going forward. Ripping off a powerful, gouging top turn, Coral Schuster announces their presence with authority.

Sebastian Inlet State Park’s north river jetty and a nice little Larry’s Lefts barrel.

Sebastian Peters is a menehune on the move as shown here at Larry’s Lefts with the full GIF sequence of this turn below.

Larry’s Lefts was the spot this day with leftover Eta swell and breezy, south / southwest winds which nicely opened up a few nug’s.

Daya Mc Cart was a victim of the Clown Car show that is just a part of the Sebastian Inlet experience you learn to deal with. We were all beginners at one time and dude pictured here was lucky it wasn’t Geary Paul or one of the old school, First Peak enforcers that he was so badly biffing in front of instead of Daya.

David Speir still shredding after all these years.

Florida authorities take their mammal protection, and other endangered or over fished species, very ( very ) seriously.

Cash Watters popping the top at First Peak.

Pappa Phil Watters doing his own trademark damage at First Peak with the full GIF sequence of this insane carve below.

Eric Peter’s and family washing the salt off after a great day surfing fun hurricane Eta waves but not the smiles from their faces.

One to watch, Daya Mc Cart. And trust us, we are. Full GIF sequence of her beautiful, railed out turn below.

Think we’re kidding about the new female crew stomping it at Sebastian? Add Abbie Yates name to that list of names who are taking the female presence and performance levels to new heights in that venerable Right Coast arena.

And Coral Schuster backs that above statement up.

Eyes in the sky cam and scientific weather package perched on the north jetty. How many ten’s of thousands of dollars sit’s atop that salt encrusted stanchion?

Close calls are common when Sebastian is the cleanest spot in Central Florida and the crowds pour in.

Kylie Pulcini burying a bottom turn off of a frothy First Peak wedge.

Larry’s Lefts, Sebastians best wave since the death of First Peak?