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Some time, effort and serious thinking outside the normal video editing box went into Florida filmer JJ “Tondo” Margaritondo’s and Chauncey Robinson’s freshly dropped collab and its a refreshing, mind bending deal visually indeed. A long time in the making, Tondo focuses almost exclusively on Chauncey and underground longboard shredder, Trent Phillips juxtaposing the two distinct wave riding disciplines and it more than works so tune in, turn on and drop out in front of your favorite viewing device and enjoy the trip. Tondo’s take on his efforts just below. – Mez –

“Return to Islandia, the barrier island chain of fickle waves and blue collar folklore. We now focus our attention on Full Moon Sanctuary, a singular island where the magnetism of its central mountains brings a mystic lunar power when the moon is full, drawing all eyes and minds to the sea without discourse. Locals know that time has no bearing, storms have no names and tomorrow is not promised. Another semi-fictitious narrative, this time following Chauncey and Trent through moments and flashbacks as they ceremoniously feed on the spoils of their dedication to The Sanctuary as only those who embrace chaos and imperfection can. Film, edit, sound by JJ Margaritondo. Additional footage provided by Dick “Mez” Meseroll & Robbiedood”. – JJ Margaritondo –