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Words by Pete “Flipper” Hodgson @flipperhawaii

Pipe started out real dangerous, but Balaram text Chad and told him it was getting good enough to paddle out.  I saw him on Surfline, looking into a perfect barrel paddling out.   He just got to the lineup a bit late for another perfect barrel.

Surfing Pipe alone on a day like this is like winning the Powerball in both monetary value and the odds of it ever happening. @flipperhawaii

A minute later he was getting shacked.  I turned off Surfline and ran across the street with my camera and shot him surfing epic, clean, big Pipeline all by himself for another hour…maybe another hour and a half.

Jackpot ! Bal cashes in his winning ticket in and early Eason arrival on the North shore. @flipperhawaii

Just Balaram in barrel after barrel, and empty waves going off.  That was the only time in fifty years I have ever seen anyone free surf perfect Pipeline all by themselves.  – Pete “Flipper” Hodgson @flipperhawaii

Bal angling in super late under a deadly, cascading chandelier. @flippehawaii

It takes a certain kind of someone to throw himself over a Banzai ledge and Bal has proven himself to be one of those fearless, Hellman types of the highest order. @flipperhawaii

Stack deep, deep, deep. And about get deeper on this once in a surfing lifetime solo session at the Banzai Pipeline. @flipperhawaii