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Words and captions by Tom Dugan

The North Atlantic Ocean is the World’s second largest ocean occupying approximately 22% of the global sea area covering 41,490,000 square miles of open ocean. With such a broad and open expanse, the Atlantic is ripe for developing storms that come off the African plains to form into tropical storms and some into hurricanes.

Spinning out! Hurricane Idalia with Hurricane Franklin hot on its tail out in the Atlantic. PHOTO : Courtesy OBX Life

 We are now in the most active part of the season. With record breaking, hyper heated waters approaching hot tub temperatures in some areas this year, some of these cyclonic systems we have had so far have spun up quickly have given the Right Coast a run of all-time waves the past few weeks.

Rob Kelly right at home in Ocean City NJ during Hurricane Lee. PHOTO : Craig Norgberg @njsurfpix

The photos shown here are from different storms and are just a small sample of what’s happened so far this season. Thanks to all the surfers, and especially the photographers who have sent ESM photos to share the stoke….. keep them coming. – Tom Dugan –

Split peak perfection, Hurricane LEE, New England. PHOTO : Josh Kelly @joshuakellyphoto

How to smack the lip as told by Teddy Wittemen during Hurricane Lee in Central Florida. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Ross Byrd flying in the lime green eye of a hurricane Lee barrel on the Outer Banks. PHOTO : Mike Leech @mikeleechphoto

Nice size wave for Chris Eaves in Ocean City, NJ. Hurricane LEE. PHOTO : Craig Nordberg @njsurfpix

Logan Kamen slotted Hurricane Franklin. Monmouth County, NJ. PHOTO : Bruce Chrisner @brucechrisner1

Bo Rayner high on the OBX during Nigel. PHOTO : @joncarterphotography

We’ve all been there but hey, somebody has to be the surf photo fall guy, literally. Consider it a badge of honor when sharpshooter Ralph Fatello nails one of you. Jake Davidson going down for the count during Franklin in New England. PHOTO: Ralph Fatello

Brielle, NJ’s Cole Deveney positively slaughtering one in the third degree during Lee at Manasquan. PHOTO: Mike Vuocolo @mikesshoreshots

Tight and bright backside bash during Idalia by a random ripper at Floridas Juno Pier. Photo: Mark Hill @mhilphotos

Sir Jeff Myers deep in the hole somewhere in southern NC during Lee. PHOTO: Mez @mezapixels

The Skipper, Ben Bourgeois ( right )and his first mate and Little Buddy, Jeff “Gilligan” Myers putting out on a 3 hour tour somewhere out of Wrightsville, NC. Good news is we came back without getting shipwrecked but, if we did, it would have been one hell of a good place to be stranded surfing-wise. PHOTO: Mez @mezapixels

Benny B doing what Benny B does during hurricane Lee, absolutely killing it with textbook form and miles of style. When we grow up we want to surf like Ben Bourgeois. PHOTO : Mez @mezapixels

Cole Deveney locked into a left barrel and Logan Kaman on the inside getting the up close and personal POV. Hurricane Franklin, New Jersey. PHOTO : Bruce Chrisner @brucechrisner1

Shaper Mikey Evans of Mikel Surfboards fame moving on the double quick and sighting down The Long Grey Line, New Hampshire, Hurricane Lee. PHOTO: Ralph Fatello

The Outer Banks reeling and roping during Idalia. Somewhere up in heaven Mickey “2M” Mc Carthy smiles down on photog Jon Carter’s homage to the pier angles Mick had on lock for decades before he left us. Carry on Jon ! PHOTO: Jon Carter @joncarterphotography

12 year old DelMarVa wundergrom, Christian Winter is continuing the deep, rich lineage of Ocean City Maryland handed down from the likes of East Coast Surfing Hall Of Famer forebearers such as Skill Johnson and Skip Savage along with heaps of generational hotties like Chad Hopkins, Simon Hetrick, his pops, Adam and a long list of others. There is a whole new Gen Next coming up in the great OCMD and the DelMarVa region is in good hands with mini rippers like Christian and company shown here during HurricaneOphelia. PHOTO: Mez @mezapixels

Joel Pimentel heads for a surf in the Dominican Republic during Idalia. Caribbean blue. PHOTO : Jorge Mijares @thesearchdr @carambolasurfhouse

When hurricane surf washes up to the dunes in the OBX, Stefan Turko contemplates the lineup. PHOTO : Mike Leech @mikeleechphoto

A thick little Ophelia swell meets a random Ocean City sandbar and surrenders itself in perfect, barreling beach break fashion. PHOTO: Mez @mezapixels

Hurricane Lee, Treasure Coast Florida. Audra Willams off the top. PHOTO : Mark Hill @mhillphotos

Brett Barley sampling his home waves on the OBX during Idalia. PHOTO : Adrian Dillenseger @3slidephotos

It was positively pumping for this years 2023 ESA Easterns championships at Jennettes pier in Nags Head, NC. courtesy of Lee and Nigels mixed swells. How would you like to surf four man heats in these spectacular conditions all day? PHOTO: Mez @mezaixels

Bethanne Wishbone is one of many Jersey Girls from Long Branch to Cape May that are on the rise and we love seeing this crew expanding and truly gettin’ after it! PHOTO: Mike Vuocolo @mikesshoreshots

New Englander Mike Lynch waxing up and ready to pounce. PHOTO: Ralph Fatello

The beauty and color of empty waves during Hurricane Lee. PHOTO : @shawn_zappo

Kody Grondin reaping the rewards of the pump action run of the 2023 Hurricane season. And it’s still pumping. For more of Ralphs deep, deep hurricane files both stills and video please go to . PHOTO: Ralph Fatello

Luke Johnson, as good as it gets in New England. Hurricane Lee. PHOTO :Tony Gately @instagatesz

Wind,rain, and surf; staples of hurricanes. Franklin, New Jersey. PHOTO : Mike Stocknoff @mike_stocknoff

Maines Jose Perez gets snappy with it during Hurricane Idalia. PHOTO: Jim Ready @jimreadypic

Logan Hayes drove up from Florida to get a few waves and surf the Belmar Pro. Clean turn during Hurricane Franklin. Monmouth County, New Jersey. PHOTO : Bruce Chrisner @brucechrisner1

Christina Doyle from Melbourne, Florida caught this perfect wave photo in Alabama during Idalia on 8-30-2023. Picture perfect. PHOTO : Christina Doyle @c3picaandphotos

Location, location, location. A hurricane Lee wave peeling off perfectly both ways in front of this lone house somewhere out on the East End of Long Island, NY. PHOTO : James Katsipis @letstaukgrams