Photos, story and captions by Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

The Third Annual Hotdogz on a Stix was held July 3, 2021 in Cape Canaveral, Florida.  For the third year in a row the surf was small but fully contestable. The water was warm at 80˙F and the air about 90˙F.  A bit of rain with lightening halted heat 9 midway thru the day.  The decision was made after ten minutes to resume competition and the last nine heats were run problem free.

Getting two of the best waves in the final sealed this year’s win for Saxon Wilson. Clean stylish hotdog surfing is what the judges are looking for in this contest and when you deliver you are rewarded. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

First place Women’s finisher Maddie Franz has won this event before. Clean surfing and great moves like this five over is what keeps earning her the win. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

With waves only showing at one to two feet, it was a waiting game to get a good scoring waves.  Although small it was very consistent with lots of sets and as a little added bonus, offshore winds all day. Core Surf owner and contest promoter Dennis Griffin for the third year ran a tight ship and great event giving back the stoke to 32 competitors and a beach full of spectators.  The concept is all surfboards are over nine foot and made in the sixties.  Dennis brings old boards from his collection and competitors draw straws to see what board they will ride.   You are never sure what board you will be riding, but you do know it will be a classic longboard from the past.

Boards from the glory days of the 60’s. Every board had to be over nine feet long and made in the 1960’s to be able to used for the competition. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Dennis posted after the event : “Thank you to our 32 competitors, our judges, and our staff. Thanks to all the photographers that came out and spectators who came to support us. We had a great time at @hotdogzonastix.  See you next year.”

Indeed you will! – Tom Dugan –

Second place winner Gavin Idone hangs ten on a 1ft wave on his way to the finals while the 1,115 ft ship, the Disney Fantasy sits offshore. Quite the difference in size but you do the best with what you are dealt. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

3rd Annual Hotdogz On A Stix Results:
 1- Saxon Wilson
 2- Gavin Idone

 3- Shane Konrad



 1- Maddie Franz
 2- Kaylin Weinrich

 3- Sarah Stotz

Core Surf owner and event organizer Dennis Griffin gets the first quarter final heat ready. Sky Blumenfeld, Jeremy Yrtman, and Easton Greene are all jazzed for some surfing. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Patrick Conklin with a clean nose ride on the inside shore break. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

With all boards being from the sixties and over nine foot in length you can expect some weight to deal with too. Josie Clark heading out for her heat owning it. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

For the third year, the waves again were small but contestable. One to two foot surf came throughout the day and the wind stayed offshore. Brett Staska taking advantage of a small peak mid-morning. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

The 3rd Annual Hotdogz on a Stix finalists ( left to right ): Brian Fleming 4th, Saxon Wilson 1st, Gavin Idone 2nd, and Shane Konrad 3rd. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

About a half a mile south is the iconic Canaveral Pier and a mile to the north side is the the Cape itself and the Kennedy Space Center launch complex. With big open beaches and history everywhere you look, what’s not to enjoy over a holiday weekend. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Shane Konrad took first all the way to the semi’s and finished out with a third in the finals. Cheater five. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

These guys don’t cluck around when their throwing scores so you better bring your A-game. ( L-R ) Barry “BP” Pasonski, Matt Mullon and Crystal Cooper. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Perfect little peelrs all day long. If it was only six feet bigger. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Early morning sun with Canaveral Pier just to the south is a plus to the scenic beaches in Brevard County, Florida. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Circa sixties era resin and wood fin foils. A long, long way from FCS and other fin systems of today . PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Forth place finisher Brian Fleming finessing one of those wood keeled beasts on an  snappy insider. This is the fun zone size for old school boards and what the event is all about. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

The lone contest banner designed and made by contest promotor and Core Surf owner Dennis Griffin. We’re calling full-on collectors item! PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

With Florida in the middle of it’s summer rainy season, heat nine was halted when a bit of lightening hit offshore. Despite the fact that central Florida is the long acknowledged “Lightening Strike Capital Of The U.S.”, ten minutes later the contestants were back in the water. It’s just what we do here when it comes to that and sharks. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos