New Teams, New Season, New Florida Cup!

Running a surf contest in Florida in August is a difficult task. Luckily our run of good luck continued in New Smyrna Beach.

The ‘Riders comp site and the surrounding environs at beautiful New Smyrna Beach with Ponce Inlet and Lighthouse across the river. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

The week before the event there was nothing of significance on the long-term forecast. Then Henri popped up, bringing an excessive amount of stoke to all those planning to compete in the Florida Cup South Division held in NSB. Surfers from South Florida, Treasure Coast, Palm Beach County and Space Coast were frothing, knowing they would be surfing FL’s most consistent sandbar as groundswell lines filled in.

Cory Howell surfed the last heat of the day and proceeded to drop the highest score of the event, a 9.17 to bring the win to the Space Coast. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

The swell showed up in earnest the night before the event, bringing some of the best surf the state has seen all year. Overhead surf. Dreamy conditions. As good as it gets here. 

“It’s like we were on a surf trip in central America or something,” exclaimed Palm Beach County representative Jensen Calloway. The lineup was a mix of the Bud Tour, ASP and WQS warriors, competitive vets from every generation, repping every nook and cranny of the Sunshine State.

“Dreamy conditions, as good as it gets here”, south Florida’s Reef Coote with a little slice of heaven in front of him. Photo: Mez @mezapixels @mezapixels

 The waves remained topnotch for the start of the contest; fun waist-to-chest-high surf. After the “Star Spangled Banner” blew through the speakers, the 15–19-year-old division ran out to the water to get the party started. Space Coast dominated in the first heat of the morning with solid scores from Tommy Coleman and Blake Spier. The Palm Beach County and South Florida youngsters owned the Grom Division, with Reef Coote raking in a 6.5, the heat’s double whammy.

The prize. Pretty soon this thing is going to be the Stanley Cup of Florida surfing the way the friendly ( well, at lest on the beach ) rivalry’s are building and as the soaring popularity of the event continues it’s upward trajectory. File photo.

 After the groms were done and the scores were posted, the Legends hit the water; A who’s who of internationally known talent, including Scott McCranles, Baron Knowlton, Pete Media, Ronnie Kendall and Dave Spier.

Longtime Smyrna afficianado and east coast big wave hellman to the max , Baron Knowlton wraps it around to help coax the Palm Beach team to a respectable third. Photo: Ivy Scott @ivyrose_scott

The open women’s division was also a highlight with Treasure Coast’s Zoe Bendenetto posting a 8.5 double whammy, skyrocketing her team to the top of the leaderboard. The most anticipated heat of the day, the 30’s Division saw the New Smyrna squad hosting one of the fiercest four-man squads to ever hit the water in a Board Riders event. Get this team: Nils Shcwiezer, Jeremy Johnston, Michael Dunphy and Eric Giesleman. They did not disappoint posting a 37.77 heat total, beating the next closest team by 15 points.

On the Women’s side, Nichole Fulford held it down for the NSB Boardriders and helped the local team hold onto the lead til the end before being up ended at the buzzer by the Brevard County Space Coast crew. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

 Jeremy Johnston who’s never at a loss for words had this to say about the event: “Florida really does have the best surfers in USA and winning surfing events has always been an independent accomplishment but now we can surf on our local teams with old and new surfers to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming Florida’s top surf club. The Florida Board Riders team events have changed competition surfing in such a positive way for all ages and I can’t wait for the next event!”

And speaking of buzzer beaters, here’s another shot of the man that helped mightily in pushing that button by almost scoring a 10, the Shred Doctor, Corey Howell. Photo: Ivy Scott @ivyrose_scott

After the dust settled the veterans of the Board Rider events Space Coast, was atop the leaderboard. 

Space Coast took full advantage of having a year under their belt and surfed every division to perfection to take home the brand new trophy! Can’t wait to see everyone again in September.

The Space Coast Boardriders Club takes the win at the Florida Cup in New Smyrna Beach. PHOTO : SCBC Facebook

 Final results:
1. @spacecoastboardridersclub – 197.39
2. @nsb_boardriders – 183.95
3. @pbcboardriders – 150.76
4. @southfloridaboardridersclub – 121.27
5. @treasurecoastboardriders – 121.05

Beckham Mc Cart of the extremely talented and deep Spacecoast grom squad slices this one up in an early heat for a solid score. Photo: Mez @mezapixels.

Always a friendly Smyrna smile when you pass through the access at Beachway. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Unidentified little ripper ripping. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

The host club NSB_Boardriders. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Randy Nolan from the Spacecoast adding points to the board for his team. Photo: Ivy Scott @ivyrose_scott

Treasure Coast member Chris Yergens tail slides to put high scores on the board. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Peter Mendia powers a turn for the Palm Beach Club helping them with a third place showing in their first event. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos


Kickin’ it, Smryna style. Photos: Mez @mezapixels

Fins up for the win. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

David Bagley up from Miami seemed right at home in the winding lefts and wiped them apart all the way to the beach, trying for every point available in the small surf. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Dave Spier bagging it and …

… claiming it. Photos by Ivy Scott @ivyrose_scott ( top ) and Mez @mezapixels

Out the back hijinks on the NSB Bommie sandbar. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Tommy O’brien surfed up a storm even as the waves slowed down a bit in the late afternoon, but there still were a few corners to hack some turns on and Tommy O’ was on them. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Unidentified aerialist luanching one of the best above the lip moves of the event. Photo: Ivy Scott @ivyrose_scott

This beach was made for walking. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

The Pride of Miami, Ronnie Kiendl’s surfing did not go un-appreciated by his team members or the photogs on the beach. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Scott Bouchard holding it down for the 50 and older with the Space Coast Team. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Another NSB Boardrider and QS surfer Michael Dunphy snaps between the fans while throwing a fan of his own on a small one in the shore break. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

East Coast surfing royalist Charlie Kuhn ( East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame class of 2010 ) and David Spier ( no doubt future ECSHOF’amer ) catching up and surveying the action in the water. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

David Chambers surfed for the NSB Boardriders who finished second or just 14.44 points behind the winners, or just three good rides away from taking the trophy. David stated he’s not surfed much in the last eight years but you would never have known it by his performance. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Sorry we did not get her name but the shot was too good not to run. Photo: Ivy Scott @ivyrose_scott

The presentation properly social distanced by the photog. Photo Ivy Scott @ivyrose_scott

The wait at the gate. Photo: Mez @mezapixels