We’re going to say it again – each fresh Will Deane video we see bears witness to the still very young North Carolinian’s near vertical trajectory in his improving skills is happening right in front of our collective viewing noses as evidenced here in “Tranquilo“. In this new drop we see an acceleration point in his ever sharpening rail work especially frontside which kinda makes sense when your latest edit captures you totally going off in El Salvador’s many, many fine righthand points. The airs have been coming along very nicely for awhile, which is all well and good, but the true beauty in watching Will’s surfing growth spurt is the carving, deep railed turns – and the excellent form he exhibits – that is developing at the tender age of 13. You want to get to the Big Show, groms, or even get a faint whiff of it, then put as much time working on that rail game like young mister Deane and the air’s will follow. Edit by Will and Shawn Deane, filmed by Shawn Deane, Mario @mario_filmaker, Juan Bolivar @jsurfnsal, Carlos Perez @gordinho_el_salvador.  Mez –

TRANQUILO from Will Deane on Vimeo.