Sory by Jason Motes photos by Terry Reis / Surf Shooter Hawaii @surfshooterhawaii

   Another ESA All-Star trip to Hawaii in the books, another group of incredible groms, a ton of waves ridden, amazing memories made that I’ll reflect on all my life, and bonds created that will most definitely last lifetimes.

Grace Knoechel making memories and going big! Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

   The 2021 Hawaii trip was the most challenging yet. Covid has made life tough on each of us but especially the kids. So much has been taken away from them that ESA top executive Michelle Sommers was going to exhaust every possibility to make this trip a go. Krissy Torelli and I were right by her side and were going to give it our all as well. Following many phone calls and zoom meetings, and after a couple months of heavy planning, it all came together!

Will Forrest with text book form. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

On February 17th, Krissy Torelli (ESA All-Star Mom), my son Josh Motes (new ESA All-Star mentor and assistant coach) and I set off for the North Shore of Oahu. Michelle was already out there with her family getting everything in tip top shape for our arrival. We started with the boys the first week, and what a crew it was; Jesse Hulsart, Kai Sommers, Landon Wood, Nic “the Charger” Gardella, William Forrest, Ty Jansen, Mason Mott and Zach Starr, along with a few of our developmental team members Athan Robertson, DC Lewis, Mako Musilunas and Gunner Snead all came out and were ready to get after it.

ESA All-Star “development team” member Mako Musilunas looks like he’s developing quite nicely under the tutorship of the ESA and coach Jason Motes. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

L to R: Shane Beschen, Audrey Iglay, Abigail Remke, Chloe Wienert, Carly Coble, Grace Knoechel, Erin Brooks, Kiley Kiser, Lanea Mons, Coach Motes, Mentor Josh Motes, Krissy Torelli, Chris Mons. Not pictured – Emma Binder, Krista-Grace Hammel. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

   Another incredible part about these trips is that who on a daily basis we are sharing the water and waves with. This year the boys were treated to sessions alongside John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Josh and Sierra Kerr, Balaram Stack, Luke Swanson and many more ripping local Hawaiians. Absolutely incredible stuff!

The coconut doesn’t fall far from the palm tree. Josh Motes burying his rail deep and doing pop’s Mote’s proud. Photo: Krissy Torelli

    Our All-Star boys shined during their week and I couldn’t be prouder of each of them. We shared meals, stories, had a couple good wrestling matches (which of course Josh and I dominated ?), surfed, surfed and surfed! Each are amazing young men with big futures ahead of them. The week went by too fast and before we knew, it was time for their departure and time to welcome the ESA All- Star girls.

Hi, I’m Jason Motes and I’ll be your North Shore tour guide, chauffeur, water patrol, cat herder, confidant, bottle washer-kitchen sweeper, problem solver, sous chef, author of this story and oh, your ESA All-Star coach and the organizations winningest competitor ever. Photo: Krissy Torelli

  This was the very best group of young ladies that we’ve ever had on the North Shore!   Anyone who knows me and my passion for this All-Star team coaching job, that I am so blessed to have, knows that yes, I want to help them reach their dreams of becoming professional surfers, but also that the bonds and relationships that these kids make while out here mean even more to me than anything.

Audrey Iglay going big as well – the girls were absolutely charging ! Photo: Chrissy Torelli

This group of girls, many of who didn’t even know each other prior to this trip, bonded and got along so well that it was like we were living with 9 of the best friends in the world!!! Led by Mentor Abigail Remke, Grace Knoechel, Kiley Kaiser, Audrey Iglay, Carly Coble, Emma Binder, Chloe Wienert, Lanea Mons and Krista Grace Hammel, they made it so easy on Krissy, Josh and I. When it was time to cook or clean, they were ready to help. When it was time to surf, that is when they really stepped up even more than I could’ve ever imagined. These girls truly embraced the entire experience to the fullest.

Leana Mons’s beautiful, sweeping turn. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

   We had sessions with Tamayo and Emilia Perry at Sunset point in which the girls all absolutely charged. We had a session with Shane Beschen at Haleiwa, in which Shane had young Hawaiian phenom Erin Brooks come along with us and help the girls in the lineup. We had Gallagher coach them up at some super fun Rocky Point and we even had a really awesome time at Laniakea.

( L-R ) The Champ with Kalani and their surf dog Action, Jason Motes, Josh Motes and Krissy Torelli. Photo: GOAT

    These kids mean the world to me, and as I’m sitting here on this plane heading home thinking of all the fun we had, it’s been an incredible journey for me personally. Having the love of my life in Krissy Torelli share this with me and love each of these kids as much as I do, and my son Josh stepping up big time to help his old man out and share his passion and love for surfing with our next crop of East Coast Legends in the making, I sit here with a tear in my eye and a huge smile on my face that no one can or will ever be able to take away from me!

With each passing season it seems 16 year old  Kai Sommers gets a little taller, a little thicker, a little heavier while learning how to throw his weight around and cranking man hacks like this. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

Thanks to Michelle Sommers for giving me this opportunity, Josh Motes for being my best friend and my right-hand man, Krissy Torelli for being the reason that I am able to do any of this.  Special thanks to the parents who trusts me with their children and allows me to have what I hope is a positive influence on their lives.

Former ESA All-Star standout and AS team mentor from New Hampshire Kai Nichols is always there for the crew when he gets the call to help the team and fire them up in the water with big moves like this. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

We all need a purpose in this world and these kids are my purpose! We are already making bigger plans for 2022!! It’s going to be siiiiiiiiiick!

Until next year, Aloha Hawaii!! ? – Jason Motes – ( please scroll to the bottom of the photo gallery to view the video wrap-up’s of both the girls and guys trips )

Jason Motes getting after it. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

( L to R from back ): Kainalu Nichols, Landon Wood, Zach Starr, Mason Mott, Kai Sommers, Shane Beschen, Mentor Josh Motes, Ty Jansen, Will Forrest, Gunner Snead, Nic Gardella (front): DC Lewis, Athan Robinson, Mako Musilunas, Coach Motes. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

Gunner Snead, three fins firing! Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

ESA All-Star boys prepare for a session at Rockies (L to R: Landon Wood, AS Team Mentor Josh Motes, Mason Mott, Kai Sommers, Nic Gardella) Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

Josh Motes  Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

( L-R ) Chloe Wienert, Emma Binder, Grace Knoechel, Kiley Kaiser, Michelle Sommers, Krissy Torelli, Jason Motes, Josh Motes, Krista Grace Hammel, Abigal Remke with Audrey Iglay sitting.

Carly Coble. Photo: Krissy Torelli

An old Kelly Slater quote, “Surfing in the rain is like surfing in a dream”. No wonder he spends so much time on the NorthShore, for the rain and the barrels. Kainalu Nichols in a dreamy rainstorm barrel at Rocky Point. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

It says something when a surf legend and top coach like Shane Beschen brings one of his brightest students, Erin Brooks, down to the ESA workouts to train with them. “That girl is on a whole other level !!!! ” according to Motes and, by the looks of  this two shot sequence, it’s hard to disagree. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii.

Erin Brooks off the top Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

Da’ Girls heading home after a long day in the aqueous classroom. ( L-R ) Kiley Kaiser, Abigail Remke, Grace Knoechel, Lanea Mons and Chloe Wienert. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

According to coach Motes New Jersey’s Nic Gardella spent four months on the North Shore this season and while not working on high performance aspects of his game was seen tackling Wiamea on some huge days. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

Another Jersey-ite on the team trip Miss Audrey Iglay setting it up. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

View from the balcony of the team house with ( L-R ) Zach Star, Ty Jensen, Athan Robertson, Josh Motes and Kai Sommers. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

Gunner Snead tucking then ducking. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis @surfshooterhawaii

Coach Motes showing it’s all about rail, flow and follow through. Photo: Krissy Torelli

2021 ESA All-Stars Wahines Rocky Pt. 2Mar2021 from Terry Reis on Vimeo.

2021-ESA-AllStars-ShaneBeschen-RockyPt-Vimeo from Terry Reis on Vimeo.