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Eastern Surf Magazine co-founder and photo editor of Tom Dugan has cherry picked – and captioned – a new batch of images for our viewing pleasure and, once again, a huge, heartfelt thank you to all the talented photogs willing to share their work with us all. If you missed our our last Pop Up Gallery click here and don’t forget to follow us at @easternsurfmag on Instagram!

Two surfers, head high barrels, and snow on the ground. What winter surfing in New England is all about. PHOTO : @joshuakellyphoto

Before the water turned cold. Tommy Coleman air Sebastian Inlet, FL. PHOTO : Mark Haryslak @squaremeatball

One good thing about a lot of east coast beach breaks, it’s a short paddle out sometimes. Lone surfer looks on spellbound at this beautiful Pea Island peeler he could literally hit with a rock from the beach. PHOTO : Jon Carter @joncarterphotography

When the ocean is warmer than the air. A lone surfer heads out into the morning mist. PHOTO : @joshuakellyphoto

Surfer Baird Parent standing tall in a Nantucket barrel. The north coast is holding when the swell hits. PHOTO : Tony Gately @tonygatelyphoto

South Carolina grinder. PHOTO : Andrew Bitleris @andrew_bitleris

Deep, dark and dreamy. Icy cold water, late afternoon offshores and epic winter lighting makes for a beautiful New England photo. PHOTO Cory Ransom @corycransom

The last day of 2020 with a bit of wind chop and surfer Brent Meinhold taking to the air in South Florida. PHOTO : @mhillphotos

It’s one of surfing’s mysteries how a wave like this can roll through the pack one at at Manasquan inlet with no one on it. PHOTO:  Mike Vuocolo @mikesshoreshorts

Clean long lines with a barrel thrown in makes for a happy Connor Willem in Surf City, N.J. PHOTO : Michael Baytoff @baytoffpictures

We’re not sure who it is or where it’s at ( maybe left better unsaid? ) but Maya Whitfield nailed a heckuva great action shot of this unidentified ripper tweaking it like a madman! PHOTO: Maya Whitfield @maya_whitfield

Empty Palm Beach peak. Waves like this with the aqua water color are what surfing South Florida is about. PHOTO : Will Vogt @wvogt12

Chris Moore’s schwack attack on the Outer Banks of NC. PHOTO: Carolina Photo Sessions @carolina_photo_sessions

The OG watermen and surfers and our friends of the sea. PHOTO: Carolina Photo Sessions @carolina_photo_sessions

Photographer Rich Brooks from Amityville, New York shoots the surf around his state and has seen some of the best surf to hit the local beaches. A day like the one pictured here is one that you think about and pray for. Long Beach, New York. PHOTO : @richbrooksphotography

An unknown surfer enjoying a winter surf. Full boots, gloves and hood. The charm of cold water surfing is the allure of clean uncrowded waves. Un named beach up north. PHOTO : @joshuakellyphoto

PJ Satterwhite boosts one in Saint Augustine while Random Guy dives for cover. PHOTO : Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos


A sunset left goes by unridden. On days like this it’s really hard to leave the beach when you can still see the sets and the crowds have all gone home. PHOTO : Clark Leonard @Cwilyyyy

Unidentified Gulf Coastin’ somewhere on the Panhandle of Florida during hurricane Laura. PHOTO: R.O. Smith

Asher Nolan digging in deep at RC’s, Satellite Beach, Florida. PHOTO : Mez @mezapixels

An empty peak with one surfer out. The surfing experience up north does not get any better than this. PHOTO : @joshuakellyphoto

Mason O’Neal surfing in the snow. Atlantis Beach, N.C. PHOTO : @andrew_bitleris