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If there were still national and international print surf pubs in existence, Jon Carter could easily be a senior staffer. He has all the disciplines mastered from land, sea and air and he’s just really good. Damn good in fact. This Outer Banks shooter is situated in a very unique environment on the east coast, “Town” as it’s called by those residing south of the Bonner Bridge and on down to Buxton, and documents the home town action between Duck Pier and South Nags Head especially well. Carter photographs that wave packed zone and it’s vibrant surf culture as good as anyone ever has and we would include his mentor / friend / teacher, Mickey “2M” Mc Carthy. When we sadly lost our beloved photographic compatriot a few short years ago, we wondered who ever be able to step up and fill in Mick’s extra large shoes. Well, if you just look at these 20 stellar images below, it is easily apparent to see who that very talented person is. Somewhere, 2M is beaming that Cheshire Cat grin of his knowing that Jon Carter is now wearing those shoes comfortably, and more than ably, to the benefit and pleasure of all of us. To see more of Jon’s beautiful work follow him on Instagram @ joncarterphotography or contact him at to purchase prints or hire him for all your photographic needs  – Mez –

Joey Crum / January 2020. This was the first swell of the year. It was a beautiful evening and the waves were pumping! There was about a 5 minute window where the light just broke though and made it golden and I was just praying that someone would get one and Joey did just that.

Avalon Pier / February 2020. This was one evening at Avalon pier right before all hell broke loose with Covid, everyone was enjoying pier beers and hanging while enjoying watching the swell.

Quentin Turko / December 2020. They did fireworks this year at Avalon Pier to celebrate the 117th year of Wright Brothers first flight. About an hour before the show, Quentin and I came up with the idea to try and capture something with him surfing and the fireworks. Nothing came together like I had planned or envisioned, but somehow we ended up getting a couple from it and it stoked us both out!

Bo Raynor / August 2020. I’m sure Bo has done this in front of me 1000’s of times and they just keep getting better. I love Bo’s rawness and power! His turns like this remind me of that famous bronze statue of Kelly Slater doing the “Tomahawk Chop” turn inspired from a Tom Dugan image that sit’s on A1A in Kelly’s hometown of Cocoa Beach.

Logan Marshall ( left ) and  Bo Raynor / November 2020. Put these two together and you got yourself a pretty sick mullet….hahaha. Logan is all fun and party and Bo is all business! It’s been fun to watch these two work together!

Jeff Myers / September 2020. Rest in Peace Brian Myers. Jeff had 2 boards made with his brother’s initials – BCM – emblazoned on the decks after Brian tragically passed last year and it was an honor to capture a few of Jeff going off on them. What a fitting tribute. Love you brother!

Mike Ziener / April 2020. While our bridges were shut down and only locals were allowed on the Outer Banks a lot of good “social distancing” sessions went down. It was so weird and amazing at the same time. It’s something I’ll never forget.

Nags Head / April 2020. Crazy times call for crazy rainbows.

Quentin Turko / May 2020. What a surprise this day was! This was the best I’ve seen it on the Banks in a while! Quentin, Jesse Hines, Brett Barley, and few others were getting spit out of pretty much every wave that day.

Albemarle Sound / June 2020. My niece took the family out in her boat for the day to a secret spot out on the Sound. Once all the sport fishing boats started passing us coming back in, the wake started hitting the place like a point break and I had to fly the drone. Maybe Ben Gravy will surf it one day haha!!

Pea Isalnd / December 2020. When there’s a good swell and moody light there’s nothing like it.

Kill Devil Hills / July 2020. I was working this day and saw a storm front approaching and the shorebreak was beautiful, all I had was my GoPro and I couldn’t resist jumping in. I love the colors and the contrast in this one.

Will Deane / October 2020. “The youth are getting restless” This kid never stops and is a ball full of energy. I love the dedication and commitment Will has to surfing and the dedication his dad Shawn puts into it also. Always a good time with the Deane ohana!

Stefan Turko / August 2020. It’s been fun too watch this grom grow and become a young man. He’s got big shoes to fill in surfing when your older brother is Quentin Turko, but he might be the better fishermen of the two. Haha!

 Noah Carter / June 2020. I’ve spent the last several years pushing and helping my son Noah catch waves. Now he catches them on his own and it’s pretty awesome. Pretty cool to swim out and shoot with him and all of his grom friends.

September 2020 / Noah Snyder. Noah never ceases to amaze me! This was one of Noah’s first sessions back after recovering from a hip replacement. He picked a hell of a time to do it during the massive Hurricane Teddy swell!

Random sandbar / July 2020. Just something about those beautiful water colors in summer. Water clarity was awesome most of the summer.

Bo Raynor / August 2020. You gotta pay to play…I got lit up on this one as I saw Bo flying and knew he was gonna do something huge. I stuck with him, got lit up, got a cool pic, and it was worth it!

Katey Harms / September 2020. Katey Harms. Katey is an amazing photographer and a good friend and this night we were both longboarding and catching up when I had the bright idea to grab my waterhousing and try to get some shots following her on my longboard. Unfortunately that didn’t turn out too well as the light faded but then… the sunset went off. I ended up shooting a few sundown silhouette portraits with Katey and another one of those Happy Accident moments you don’t plan for became one of my favorites images of 2020.

Noah Fielder / December 2020. Noah waving good-bye and riddance to 2020. This was the very last swell of the year and it just so happened to be on Christmas day. What a great Christmas gift to help send us off and a high note- and high hopes – for 2021.