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Photos, captions and intro by Josh Kelly @joshuakellyphoto

Most accomplished surf photogs are also hardcore surfers at heart and Maine based shooterJosh is no different. “Not often do I get an opportunity to get on the other side of the lenses but here is a rare photo of me after surfing one of my favorite breaks in Nicaragua”.  Photo: Seth Morrill

All things considered, 2022 was a good year.  We started out with average winter surf.  The spring gave us a few notable swells which fell into one of the flattest summers I can recall.  Thankfully, things picked up in late fall with some fun, clean swells and warmer than normal temperatures.

Local surfer @aaron318stone was stoked to get this impending left barrel during a rare spring nor’easter.

I added a couple of new boards to my quiver in 2022 that gave me the motivation to put the camera down and enjoy being on the other side of the lens.  The stoke is always present but there is nothing like a new board and head high waves to rejuvenate me and my love of this sport and all aspects of surf life.

2023 is off to a good start and I look forward to seeing what Mother Nature has in store for the east coast! – Josh Kelly @joshuakellyphoto –

Sunset winter barrels in New England.

Sea smoking in January.  Puff, puff, give me a barrel…

This photo shows a hearty New England surfer walking in the snow to get back home after surfing in winter conditions.

There is something about surfing in the snow that is almost dreamlike or that could just be the brain freeze.  Definitely worth it if you can handle the cold.

Unidentified slashes a crisp off the top in late summer in with a beautiful, bucolic New England backdrop to frame it all out and give a sense of place.

Winter storm Izzy sent us some quality waves and frigid offshore winds.  This unknown surfer braved the cold temps for this sweet left.

Lucky unknown surfer was in the right spot of this big left hander.

Dawn patrol paid off when the first wave I saw was this smoking left coming in.

Dawn patrol out panning for some January gold.

An unidentified lone surfer taking in the sights before he paddled out.

Local surfer Jake Anastas took advantage of an unexpected spring swell.

Always looking for new angles to make a shot more interesting.  Here I am tucked away trying to get this local surfer getting a chilly left.

You can feel the anticipation of this surfer as he looks at a nice right heading his way.

My coworker for the day.  I always respect nature and the true locals at the beach.  In between swells I turn my camera towards other things that inspire me.

Hurricane Earl swell on tap in New England.

Maine serving up a warm sunset with ice cold conditions.  This surfer hung in for a few more rides before last light.

This day was BITTER outside!  My fingers, along with my camera, were freezing up while I tried to capture some of the best conditions of the year.

Winter in New England equals snow on the sidewalk with barrels in the water.

New Hampshire A frames.

When there aren’t any waves you may find me on the slopes of New England’s many mountains and ski destinations.  Here I am doing some backwoods snowboarding near my childhood home.