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Photos, captions and intro by Bobby Siliato @robertsiliato

This is me posing next to my surfing photo that was an art collaboration with the very talented local artist George Bates. This was for the Sea Hear Now Festival in Asbury Park, NJ that featured a quote from Bruce Springsteen. It was surreal seeing lots of people lining up to take photos with it. Thank you to organizers Tim Donnelly and Danny Clinch for an amazing experience!

2022 was a great year for surfing and I was stoked on so many levels regarding my photography. A highlight is being able to shoot old and new friends to showcase their immense talents in the water in the proper conditions. There were a bunch of notable swells that kicked up through out the year that I was able to document and then catch the leftovers to surf myself.

No takers on this perfect right.

This was also the first year in a long photography career that I was able to have one of my surfing photos internationally published, in print, in Pacific Longboarder Magazine. Locally, Garden State Surf, a new printed surfing magazine just arrived on the scene that showcased some of my work as well. I was grateful to have one of my surfing photos selected to be displayed at a huge outdoor music festival, Sea Hear Now. A few online sites also featured a bunch of my shots, notably here at Eastern Surf! Overall, it was a great year! – Bobby Siliato –

Mike Melega perfectly perched on the nose. This was my first photo to be printed in an international magazine, Pacific Longboarder. Mike and I were stoked!!!

Summer flats… Maggie, Olivia, and Ethan enjoying the warm sunrise.

Declan Fitgerald hitting one off the lip while freesurfing after the Belmar Pro.

Brendan Tighe taming one of the larger waves one cold January swell.

Besides shooting surf, I do get to dabble in other photographic subjects such as concerts. Here is Randy Blythe suspended mid air while jumping while the rest of the band, Lamb of God, performs during their tour for their new album “Omens”. When not rocking the 25,000 seat Freedom Mortgage Pavillion in Camden, NJ pictured here, Randy is also an avid surfer and notable photographer you can check out at @drandallblythe on IG.

Bryan Zinski braving the sub-freezing temperatures and for a good reason.

Tommy Inken, Schuyler Allen, and Alex DePhillipo all stoked during an epic session.

Sam Hammer going for it.

Sam Hammer all smiles despite breaking his board that same session.

Declan Coyle scored a really nice wave one fun October day.

Backyard buck. I love photographing all subjects, wildlife included. I’m lucky though that I can just sit on my deck and capture moments like this right in my backyard.

One thing I love about venturing south from where I live is the anticipation of what the wave action looks like when you get there. You can’t see what is happening from the street. This is the first view I had when I walked up over the beach access point. It was firing!

Tony Silvagni warming up for the Eastern Lines Belmar Pro where he eventually won the longboard division for the umpteenth time.

Beginning stages of the Flower Blood Moon Eclipse.

George Nickoll with some backlit morning perfection.

Pat Parenty at the Clean Ocean Action Open Surf contest.

One of the most challenging subjects I like to do is street photography. Here is a portrait from the Asbury Park Zombie Walk. I chose black and white because it really makes the mood complete.

Nick Delmar seeking some shade under the lip on a sunny afternoon.

I live for days like this… big and surly. You know it’s going to be a good day photographically speaking.

Keep Out. The surf was too perfect and tempting to keep everyone out of the lineup during a recent beach replenishment. After the guards asked several times warning everyone the beach was closed, they resulted in spray painting the pipes. Still didn’t work.

Mike Melega with 5 toes over the nose in howling cold February winds.

Asbury Park’s crown jewel aka Convention Hall. I’ve always loved this building and try to capture it in various ways. This was done with a 10 stop Neutral Density Filter to stop the motion of the waves and clouds for dramatic effect.

Surfer and shaper Tommy George on some early morning backlit perfection.

Despite the hard offshore February winds, someone scored an epic wave complete with their own watch party.

Inside the shapers studio. My friend Drew at Gunn Surfboards is a master craftsman. I had always wanted to do a photo series that included the tools and views within a shaping bay. Luckily for me, Drew is my shaper who happens to live close by.

Even if there are no waves, I’m usually at the beach early trying to capture a beautiful colorful sunrise. Sometimes it’s hit or miss but occasionally there is one that stands out.

The photographer floating around at the office. For more of Bobby’s epic shots please give him a follow on Instagram @robertsiliato