Todays Chauncey Robinson’s Sick-quence! post hereby introduces’s new, long over due updated look thanks to the hard, digital yards put in by our new web man, Dylan Fleming. While mostly completed, we’ll naturally be tweaking a few things here and there, and will probably have a kink or two to work out, but we are super stoked on moving into the year 2022 design-wise. We hope you dig the classic, fresh look – as well as the improved viewing experience – and please help us spread the word that ESM(.com) is still here and going strong as the East Coast’s one and only full time website covering our vibrant and diverse surfing tribe. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @easternsurfmag that has helped keep us going 30 years strong now! – Dugan & Mez

Chauncey Robin’sRC’s Hack Attack By Mez from on Vimeo.