Intro and photos by Dick “Mez” Meseroll @mezapixels, Brought to by WRV

I’ve seen better winters and I certainly have seen worse ones. Much worse. The winter of 21-22 was average at best while Spring, so far, has not exactly been a barn burning, five alarm fire of consistent waves either both in the Sunshine State in general or Brevard County in particular. Hardly been anything close to a whiff of epic but we still have a little time left before the tropical season begins and hopefully gives our lack of surf a kick in the ass. But, you take what you are given, don’t bitch too much, and you make the most of it to stay in the game we love – chasing waves – to surf or take photos / videos of. And, to that end, this is what I managed to document so far with high hopes that something special is just around the meteorological corner and heading our way. – Mez –

Chauncey Robinson, RC’s.

Chauncey Robinson, south of somewhere at Bubbies.

Spanny Haus peeler.

Benji Lange, RC’s.

Manatees huddling, Satellite Beach.

Tommy Coleman, RC’s sequence.

Daya Mc Cart, RC’s.

Chauncey Robinson slotting, Nathaniel Harrinton filming, Wabasso.

Cash Watters ( left ) and Beckham Mc Cart, RC’s.

Becham Mc Cart, RC’s.

Daya Mc Cart, Sebastian Inlet.

Spanny Haus Grom Parents Association.

Chauncey Robinson, RC’s. Full GIF sequence below.



Chauncey Launch At Rc’s By from on Vimeo.

Randy Nolan, RC’s.

John Warren, south of somewhere at Bubbies.

Chauncey Robinson, Sebastian Inlet.

Girl on a railing, RC’s.

Sammy Barker, RC’s.

Chauncey Robinson, RC’s with full GIF sequence below.

Chauncey Robinsons RC’s By from on Vimeo.

December moon south of somewhere at Bubbies.

Christian Daniels, Spanny Huas.

Justin Ellingham, Spanny Haus.

Chauncey Robinson, Sebastian Inlet.

John Warren checks the wind south of somewhere at “Bubbies”.

Sequence of Chauncey Robinson south of somewhere at “Bubbies”.

Brandon “Laserwolf” Campbell on the other side of the lens at Spanny Haus.

Laserwolf switches of from surfbaord to waterhousing as Eric Peters ducks into a Spanny Haus barrel.

Shreddy Teddy Wittemann RC’s. Look for Part 2 of ‘Moments With Mez’ tomorrow.