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Cory Lopez still has it and we mean really has it and not like we need to validate the World Tour workhorse or anything. It’s just so cool to0 see a stone cold ripper like him, whom we’ve been shooting and filming since he was 9 years old, looking like he’s barely lost a step. And hey, we all get older and, at some point, it’s all about making adjustments and conquering the results un-foreseen consequences ( like ‘effing up a knee a few years back for Lopey ) and seeing if you can make it through to the otherside. And after peeping this fresh, shite-hot O’Neill Strike Mission’s drop there is absolutely NO denying Cory has done exactly that. Watch and behold in wonder one of the best pro surfers ever – now in his mid-40’s – wailing on his fabled backhand at Salinas like he’s in his early 20’s. Also featuring one of our faves, Noah Wegrich along with fellow top O’ killer, Eli Olson. – Mez –