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Ocean City Maryland’s Simon Hetrick, the Del-Mar-Va-velous’s most on-fire surfer since legendary Chad Hopkins, had a bad experience surfing Hurricane Ian’s bomb swell at the Buxton Lighthouse last October. I saw it go down up close and it was pretty brutal and even shot a clip of it. Pulling into a mashing, backside barrel going for broke in the vicious shore pound that day, he got slammed looking for the doggie door resulting in a serious ankle sprain taking him out of the water for a couple of months.

Simon Hetrick helped off the beach after a brutal shore pound wipeout during Hurricane Ian at the Lighthouse. Look for the video clip of it tomorrow when we post my Fave Photos of 2022, part 2. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Like most galavanting surfers of Simon’s nature who travel collecting clips from far flung locales finding the time to do a solid edit at some point ain’t easy. Well, Simon finallly got the break he needed when he got injured and found that time tho’ it was not of his choosing or the way he would have planned it. Here is the affable, unfailingly polite rippers latest drop titled “Revamp” and it rocks. And the good news is he’s fully recovered, on the road again and stockpiling more footage for a future video. Hopefully his next one won’t come at the expense of a painful injury. – Mez –