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It’s always amazed us who does and does not get a solid major label sponsor, especially if you call the East Coast home base let alone if you are from South Carolina.

Granted, it’s all a part of the surf biz game. The hirings and the firings, the musical chairs aspect of it all, especially at the end of a year around Surf Expo time, it’s so predictable that you can set your watch to it.

And sometimes it just doesn’t make any g-dang sense a’tall like in the case of one of the Right Coasts finest screw-footed rippers, the Gamecock States Micha Cantor.

Apparently this second gen ripper’s time was up at Vissla, a company we think is one of the best majors in the surf schmatte and wettie biz and, and whom we admire for their good “fashion” taste without coming across as hipster fashionista’s.

And what we have garnered as the bottom line after decades in the publishing biz is that, when it comes to maintaining a sponsor 1 ) that many are called and few are chosen and the 2 ) almost nobody stays with the same company for ever except maybe ageless Occy which is just a really smart decision by Quik-a-Bong.

Well, since the music has stopped for Cantor, the chairs are all full and he’s left standing – for now  – he’s just sent us this killer edit, a resume if you will, shot while Vissla was still signing his checks instead of just dragging them into the trash icon on his desktop.

Smart move ‘Boo and , bottom line, excellent viewing for us all as well as hard digital evidence for film study if any surf company is looking for top shelf, EC talent to add to their roster and fly their flag.

Here’s Micha’s take on this new, killer drop below and enjoy! . – Mez –

“2021 for me consisted mostly of “DOOMSCROLLIN” (scrolling the web looking at useless shit). This was due to a couple ankle injuries as well as catching the good ole ‘Rona a couple times. Luckily, I still managed to get a few clips. Didn’t know what to do with the footage, but after cutting ties with my sponsor for the last 8 years (VISSLA) , it felt like a good time to start fresh….
Enjoy my new self edited edit titled ….  “DOOMSCROLLIN” with big thanks to video contributions by Logan Marshall, Jonathan Fowlkes, Oliver Royston, Gabriella Scott and Logan Staton filmed on the Outer Banks, California and Puerto Rico” – Micha Cantor –

DOOMSCROLLIN from Micha Cantor on Vimeo.