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In this prototypical Ben “Gravy” Graeff vlog you get 22:00 minutes of following the immensely popular, funny, unpretentious, good natured Jersey surfer fly on the wall style from driveway to destination then back again.

Sometimes there is a lot more on the road lifestyle clips than surf action but his edits are always interesting and entertaining.

Distilled with his trademark, fully relatable everyman vibe that is equal parts charming and free of surf star self importance, you always get the distinct feeling you’re just one of the boys along for the ride.

And make no mistake, if your numbers of fervent followers is any kind of a marker then Big Ben is a big star, a full blown internet surf star by any surfing vloggers estimation.

In this latest installment for his almost 200 K viewers ( yes, as in 200 thou ) Gravy makes perhaps his most spectacular claim of all his signature claims with the discovery of a wild looking wave that he posits as possibly being the “Chopes Of The Caribbean” ( even tho’ it looks an awful lot like Bahamian topography ) .

So, bottom line, is this crazy looking slab just hyperbole or reality ?

Push play and make your own claim because it looks as interesting as hell to usand hopefully the intrepid Jersey vlogger returns when the joint is really firing and gets the goods to share with us – fly on the wall style – another time. – Mez –