We are pleased to present this recent video by New Hampshire surfer / photographer ( check out Ralphs easternsrf.com photo portfolio here https://readymag.com/u68321507/1359830/ ) / filmer / musician / vlogger / webmaster ( check ralphs.pic website here http://ralphspic.com/index.html ) and Viet Nam / Marine Corp veteran Ralph Fatello’s Memorial Day surfing tribute to his fellow troops past and present. We all can laughingly re-call the Charlie Don’t Surf scene in Apocalypse Now! but that shit, about being “in the shit”, was a Hollywood version and there have been many real and true surfers going off to battle by land, sea and air since World War Two. And, sadly, there are many who did not come back to U.S. soil to continue to ride waves free and easy back home in the “the world”. It seems appropriate then to drop this edit between the upcoming 4th of July holiday, which celebrates our hard fought independence from tyranny and oppression , while remembering Memorial Day a few short weeks ago, in honor of all the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect us with their spillled blood on the many battlefield’s they’ve been sent to since the Revolutionary War. Lets all give pause and think about that next time before rattling sabers amongst one another as we test the elasticity of our own democracy in these trying times, for their sake at least. Semper Fidelis, Always Faithful. – Mez –