Kid, meet candy store. After ending his long time relationship more than amicably with Super Brand, Brett Barley has the dream Sponsor- any board he wants to test drive via his longtime shop sponsor, Real Watersports. Nothing short of brilliant we say and we look forward to tuning in to see his picks and how he performs on them along with his breakdowns on each. Checkout BB’s first foray into Real’s seemingly infinite board stock and his first choices as surfboard sponsor free agent. – Mez 

And read Brett’s POV on everyones wildest dream come true here : “–Season 3: Episode 19– Follow Along as I scour through REAL Watersports massive board loft, looking amongst hundreds of boards, dissecting dimensions with Trip Forman, & picking out the perfect 3 board quiver to start my new sponsorship! The moment a lot of you have been waiting for… I’m officially going Free Agent for surfboards underneath @REAL Watersports ! So I wont be pinned to one single brand, but will be riding anything, and everything, they carry in the quest for my perfect quiver. We’ll be doing board reviews along the way too. Welcome to the new journey!”. – Brett Barley