Growing up in the freezing cold winters of Winter time New Jersey, I know about Surfers Ear. If you grew up surfing anywhere from Maine to the Outer Banks then you do too and either knew someone who had to deal with the affliction via surgery or, maybe, you had to go under the knife yourself all for the love of riding waves in frigid North Atlantic waters. One of the worlds most renowned cold water warriors, Brett Barley recently had to go into dry dock to get the procedure himself, or, as he put it, have his aural canal “chiseled out”. Sounds like fun, eh ?! Known more for his well put together Life On Water surf vlogs Brett goes into great detail from describing Surfers Ear to it’s operation costs and this film does it in spades as well showcases his expanding the range of what this budding documentarian is capable of creating outside the wave riding milieu. Below is own BB’s wind-up to what we found was an excellent, very informative drop. – Mez – 

“Surfer’s Ear is a bone growth inside of the ear canal that your body produces when exposed to cold water over and over and over again. Some surfers get it worse than others, and everyones growths are different. Mine finally hit a point of pain and discomfort that was unbearable, so I got it removed. This video is a story of that journey, and recovery, and information for anyone who’s curious about getting theirs taken care of. I had my surgery done in Santa Cruz, CA by Dr. Douglas Hetzler M.D.…”

-Brett Barley –