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This Archive Dive goes back to May of 2005 on an Eastern Surf Magazine field trip to gather footage for our first ( and only ) video, Always Right ( click this link to watch ). In collaboration with UnsoundSurf Shop’s “Mike Nellie” Nelson, we gathered one of the heaviest crews of East Coast chargers ever assembled at the Mexican Pipeline that included Will Tant, Jesse Hines, Sam Hammer, Will Skudin, Asher Nolan, Ben Mc Brien, Baron Knowlton, Pete Mendia, Sean Killarney, Kyle Garson, Carl Wallin, Frank Walsh, Chris Curry, Ryan Helm and the subject of this Sick-quence!, Noah Snyder. We had caught some pumping surf and a ton of great clips as the first major south swells were arriving to Central Mez but, as we all know, they don’t last forever and even Playa Zicatela goes “flat” which, by East Coast standards, equals fun as hell chest to head high waves. In other words, it was time to relax, enjoy the supre fun waves had in front of us bathed in such gloriously beautiful beach weather and just frolic in the ocean ’til the next big one hit. And, if anybody knows how to have fun horsing around, it’s Noah who showed up this afternoon with an zany looking, bright yellow inner tube “borrowed” from the hotel pool we were lodged and responded with great relish to my bet / challenge that he couldn’t paddle out and pull a sick manuever with that goofy thing around his waist. Well, he did by ripping this amazing turn on his very first wave with that silly thing covering his face blinding him. The end result is it cost me a ten dollar bet ( and the death of the inner tube ) as well as the offer of an editorial shot in the mag if he pulled it that eventually garnered him a double page spread along with a cool clip of it in our Always Right video. Win win all the way and probably the biggest laugh of the trip. – Mez –

Noah Snyder’s Puerto Inner Tubing By Mez @mezapixels from richard meseroll on Vimeo.