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It’s on!

The new year has started and we wanted to paddle into the next 12 months of whatever waves are coming our way with a celebratory photo feature stocked with beautiful waves from 2023 by a group of amazing shooters and to wish you all a Happy Tube Year ahead! If you are interested in obtaining prints from these hard working lensmen, DM them via there Instagram handles posted on their respective images for details. They deserve your support and our undying thank you’s for letting us showcase their work here at as well as on our IG @easternsurfmag and, of course, our Facebook feeds ( page link here Please share and follow us in 2024 as the only platforms fully dedicated to the East Coast surfing community 24/7/365. ESM, All East Coast All The Time ! – Dugan & Mez –

Florida. Photo: Greg Panas @gregpanas

New York. Photo: Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

North Carolina. Photo: Dick “Mez” Meseroll @mezapixels

New Hampshire. Photo: Brian Nevins @nevinsphoto

Florida. Photo: Greg Panas @gregpanas

New Jersey. Photo: Tim Torchia @timmytorchia

Alabama Slamma. Photo: Christina Doyle @c3picaandphotos

New Jersey. Photo: Bobby Siliato @robertsiliato

Puerto Rico. Photo: Ralph Fatello @ralphs.pic

Florida. Photo: Tom Dugan @tomduganphoto

New Jersey. Photo: Bruce Chrisner @brucechrisner1

New York. Photo: Mike Nelson @fullnelson_photo

North Carolina. Photo: Jon Carter @joncarterphotography

North Carolina. Photo: Mike Leech @mikeleechphoto

Florida. Photo: Greg Panas @gregpanas

Maryland. Photo: Dick “Mez” Meseroll @mezapixels

New Jersey. Photo: Mike Vuocolo @mikesshoreshots

South Carolina. Photo: Theo Potgieter @taosurfphotography

Maine. Photo: Josh Kelly @joshuakellyphoto

New Hampshire. Photo: Brian Nevins @nevinsphoto

Avon Pier, North Carolina. Photo: Dick “Mez” Meseroll @mezapixels

Florida. Photo: Nate Harrington @natephoto


New Jersey. Photo: Mike Baytoff @baytoffpictures

New Hampshire. Photo: Ralph Fatello @ralphs.pic