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Over the years, showcasing photographers work has been a silent pleasure for Eastern Surf and we know our readers have responded with mostly a positive vibe.  Oh yes, we have had a complaint or two in our over thirty years, but the good has always outweighed the bad.  We have worked with the best photogs up and down our coast, from Mike Nelson in New York; Bruce Chrisner, Mike Baytoff, and Ray Hallgreen in New Jersey; to Mickey McCarthy and Daniel Pullen in the Outer Banks; and Meghan and Jim Whitney in South Carolina. All these people have had numerous covershots and photos in the pages of the mag ( RIP but click here to check out all our digitized issues  ) and now on our social media platforms since day one.

Blayr Barton’s Star Bar Barrel By Mez from on Vimeo.

Florida photogs Patrick Ruddy in New Smyrna; Chris Wilson, Kevin Welsh, Larry Pope, and so many others in Brevard County, FL; down south to Mark Hill and Tony Aruza in the Stewart and Palm Beaches.  Down in Puerto Rico, Steve Fitzpatrick and Rachel Tanner kept the island in our dreams.  Without photogs sending in photos from every corner of the East Coast, Eastern Surf Magazine would have never been able to bring our readers the many years of stoke. The photos shown here are from a mostly a new crop of shooters. They all have one thing in common with the OG shooters from the start and that is the love of surfing and the willingness to share it and keep the stoke alive. ENJOY! -Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos –

Gilgo beach, New York. PHOTO : Josh Goetz @jgoetzphotography

Gabe Morvil, Avon Pier, NC. PHOTO: Mez @mezapixels

Unidentified, Hoffa’s, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. PHOTO: Mike Voucolo @mikesshoreshots

Luke Lopez, North Florida PHOTO : Ivy Rose Scott @grains_of_salt @lukethedudelopez

Quentin Turko, Avon Pier, NC. PHOTO: Mez @mezapixels


New Jersey. PHOTO : Christor Lukasiewicz @christorluke

Unidentified, Hurricane Ian, Satellite Beach, Fla. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

The Lighthouse, Buxton, NC, Hurricane Fiona. PHOTO: Mez @mezapixels

Scott Posner, Jupiter Pier, Florida. SEQUENCE : JR9LIVES

Satellite Beach, Fla. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Balaram Stack, The Cove, Buxton, NC Hurricane Ian. PHOTO: Mez @mezapixels

The Cape Hatteras Light Station, Buxton NC. PHOTO: Mez @mezapixels

Central Florida PHOTO : Nate Harrington @natehphoto

Declan Coyle, New Jersey, Hurricane Fiona. PHOTO : Robert Siliato @robertsiliato

Brett Barley, The Cove, Buxton, NC, Hurricane Ian. PHOTO: Mez @mezapixels

( L-R ) photographer Jon Carter with Stef Turko and Brett Barley at the Star Bar, Pea Island NC. PHOTO: Mez @mezapixels

Stef Turko, Avon Pier, NC, Hurricane Ian. PHOTO: Mez @mezapixels

Leon Gough, Dominican Republic PHOTO : Jorge Mijares @thesearchDR

Beckham McCart Hurricane Ian, Satellite Beach. Fla. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos

Beckham McCart PHOTO : @tomduganphotos @beckhammccart

Miami Beach, Florida, Hurricane Ian. PHOTO: Greg Panas @gregpanas

Folly Beach, SC. PHOTO : Theo Potgieter @taosurfphotography

New York. PHOTO : Erik Schwab @saltyvisionz

Carson Alvarez, North Florida – Earl PHOTO : Ivy Scott @grains_of_sand

Asher Nolan, North Florida PHOTO : Ivy Rose Scott @grains_of_sand

Bayhead, NJ. PHOTO: Mike Vuocolo @mikesshoreshots

Dan Hassett, Rhode Island, Hurricane Fiona PHOTO : Jonathan Nimerfroh @jdphotography

Nick Star, southern Maine. PHOTO: Jim Ready @picjimready

Hunter Roland, Treasure Coast, FL PHOTO : Mark Hill @mhillphotos

Montauk , New York PHOTO : Erik Schwab @saltyvisionz