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Henri was certainly not one for the books. And, considering what was being predicted at one point for central Long Island and possibly Lower Manhattan, it was probably for the better the little rascal did not live up to any possible destructive expectations or dire predictions.

Best seat in the house or House Of Pain at Tower 4 Sea Girt, New Jersey if you are one of the legions of lifeguards who are avid surfers at the Jesrey Shore. Either way, all part of the job you signed up for. Photo: Bruce Chrisner @brucechrisner1

In the history of hurricanes that have hit the Northeast hard – think the 1815 New England Hurricane with 38 deaths and an 11 foot surge, category 3 Hurricane Carol in 1954 that clobbered Rhode Island with 135 mph winds killing 68 or cat 2 Hurricane Bob in 1991 that whipped winds gust up to cat 3 strength – Henri was like a fart in a windstorm, stinky but not all that.

Surfer and photog Shawn Casey bares all four fangs off the top somewhere in New Jersey. Just goes to show you why guys who rip like this also make some of the best surf photographers, it’s a family tradition of sorts. PHOTO : Amanda Prifti @photosbyprifti

Henri did bring the surf goods though with a wide range of size, conditions and descriptive musings from surfers from Florida to Nova Scotia such as the oft heard “soft”, “rippable” “craptacular”, “bombing !”, “disappointing”, “better than nothing in August” and “it effing sucked”. Whatever.

Dallas Tolson, one of the core OBNC rippers of all time – which is saying a shit ton – right at home crushing it as usual the Hatteras Lighthouse. PHOTO : Nick Barnhart @ec_surf

We say we’re stoked on anything this time of year that does not decimate a beloved East or Gulf Coast Surfing community and the photos that always follow from this dedicated crew of lensman and lens ladies and here is part one of our planned two part Henri swell gallery as curated and edited by photo editor, Tom Dugan. Please enjoy and support your local shooters and huge thanks to each and everyone of you! – Mez & Dugan –

James Theobald slips under a Long Island lip and right into frame for Mike Nelson to capture for posterity. Photo: Mike Nelson @fullnelson_photo

DJ Buchanan ditches the fins, burys the nose and spins to win this 360 revo at New Smyrena Beach, Florida. Photo here and full GIF sequence of this move below by Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

DJ Buchanan Henri 360 At Smyrna By Tom from on Vimeo.

Beach girls 2021 with matching ankle tat’s, a far cry from the Coppertone swimsuit pin-up models of the past several decades. Photo: Mez @mezapixels And below sequence Jersey’s Bethanne Wishbow, a far cry from your average female wave rider of the past several decades. It’s great to see the ladies breaking surfings glassy ceilings every session these days .Photo: Bruce Chrisner @brucechrisner1

Daniel Glenn warming up on the sidelines for the season opener of the New Smyrna Beach Florida Boardriders Club comp with full GIF sequence of this ride below by Mez@ mezapixels

Daniel Glenn Hurricane Henri By Mez @mezapixels from on Vimeo.

Carolinian Owen Moss travelled to the Garden State in hopes of catching the best of what Henri had on offer. So, it wasnÕt epic but it sure was a whole lot better than nothing or shite conditions other spots south had on offer. PHOTO : Bobby Siliato @robert_siliato

Garrett Servis barrel run in NJ. PHOTO : Mike Incitti @incittiinthesea

One of Jersey’s O’neill repping corp, Gabe Buono didn’t have to wear much rubber to surf Henri which certainly can assist you in being able to throw a bucket like this. Loose in the juice indeed. Photo: Mike Vuocolo @mikesshoreshots

Local New Smyrna Beach surfer and big wave hellman Nils Schweizer cuts loose in Henri’s small waves at home. Fins out for the win. PHOTO : Patrick Ruddy @ruddyphoto

Asher Nolan protege, 14 year old from St. Augustine Benji Lange, going HAM on this man-carve  just like his photographer / filmer / coach is well known for. You hang with the best, you eventually become the best. Photo: Asher Nolan @slashsmash

Unidentified Floridian section hopping with authority and flair common to just about any beach you visit in the Sunshine State. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Dean Schoonover lines up a nug at a Southern Monmouth County NJ groin. Photo: Bruce Chrisner @brucechrisner1

Ryan Wirin eyeing the lip for his backhand snap. Monmouth County, NJ. PHOTO : Bobby Siliato @robert_siliato

Tommy Coleman’s early morning sillhouetted slice at New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Mez @mezapixels

Cole Deveney was on a heater catching good waves, killing it with sick moves like this and getting a folder full of A-plus shots like this from some of our best photogs as the final result. Photo: Mike Vuocolo @mikesshoreshots

Nags Head, North Carolina took Henri’s swell in quite nicely at first before the winds got wonky. Photo Mike Leech @mikeleechphoto

A fun run in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Fishing the small waves. PHOTO Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

You can’t always be on the beach taking photos. Sometimes you just need to get out and get your surf on with a few waves to yourself. @yewwville Shawn Casey in a clean one in Jersey. PHOTO : Amanda Prifti @photosbyprifti