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SC shredder, Micha Cantor, like most incredibly talented surfers from the Gamecock State, have, perhaps, long been the most under covered crew anywhere on the East Coast and it is a deep mystery to us just why that is. What is not a mystery is Cantor’s prodigious skills below and above the lip who is also a big wave hellman, and pounding beach break barrel rider as good as anybody from anywhere along the Atlantic seaboard and lets throw in the Caribbean and other oceans beyond while we are at it. His latest drop, Stick In Da Mud is 150 proof style White Lightening and a bulls-eye indicator just how good he is. It also further begs the question WTheF is he not on with a major sponsor, something we hope will take care of itself in short order so he can keep distilling videos like this for all of us to imbibe on. And here is Micha’s own take on his latest before you push play …. – Mez – 

“Sticker-less and slightly broke, but still pursuing the dream! 21 was an interesting year. Loosing my main sponsor since I was 13, working with new brands, scumming up just enough money to go on trips, but I’m thankful for every bit of it. Shout out to Posteur Surfboards and Surfwater Promotions for helping me keep the dream alive. Hope y’all enjoy the edit and if not oh well haha. South Carolina all the way !!!! “. – Micha Cantor –

Killer Footy supplied by the following supremely talented Right Coast clip-masters : Jon Carter, Rooster Royston, Jeff O’Neil / Real Watersports, Olin Shea, Gabriella Scott, Kam MidgettClay Mein & Blake Pittman.