The east coast summer surf doldrums have been a lot worse in other years but, in 2021, the normally placid Atlantic has been sending most of the coast a little aqueous summer love now and then on the semi-reg. and what better place to live than on the Outer Banks, especially at the tip of Cape Hatteras, with open arms and boards waxed and at the ready for anything that stirs. Sitting so close to the Continental shelf this area is blessed with un-announced, surprise swells and rideable, wind generated wave energy that, while maybe not all time, is still a much welcome relief to the Summer Time No Surf Blues between June and August. Brett Barley breaks down his season so far and it looks and sounds like singing the no surf blues is not on his set list. – Mez –

Bret sez: “–Season 3: Episode 3– Summer doesn’t mean no waves, it just means less waves… at least in Cape Hatteras. But even for us, a good day of waves is something to cherish, and wow was it good the other day! For the south beach especially, I couldn’t believe how square the tubes were… a real rarity, especially in summer! So stoked 🙂 Oh ya… the fishing has been all time too! enjoy! – LIFE ON WATER Merchandise **** **** ” – Brett Barley –